Thursday, November 29, 2012

i d e a | p i l l o w . b o x e s

I had a few stocking stuffers to mail out to my mother in law, along with her full-size gifts.  I saw this printable from Oh Happy Day!, and decided I had to make something out of that pretty patterned paper!

I used an old pillow box I had saved as a template, then extended one side of it into the shape of a stocking.  Stuck a bow on it just for fun.  Easy as pie.  Advice: to avoid creating a mirror image of your pattern (like I did, oops!), draw it out on a separate piece of paper before transferring it to the actual pattern paper.  

Some stocking stuffer ideas:
crystal nail file (set of 5) . essie in mint . instant coffe packs (livens up that hot cocoa) . pouty lips (to get ready for mistle toe)

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